My Trainings... 

Hi, My name is Julie Larsen. I recently trained at Fabulous Body academy for their Holistic Nutritional Coaching course (been over a year now). I trained through Birth Arts International back in 2010-2011. I decided not to "certify" with BAI. I did also a Childbirth Educator Certification with them. In 2011, I also finished my Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula course. Applying self-hypnosis techniques for doula clients. In 2012, I took a Gena Kirby Rebozo class and Polly Perez Rebozo course. I then fell in love with the idea of using rebozo during all my birthing situations. I now teach my own method called "Simply Rebozo/ Royal Rebozoway Method". In 2014, I decided to seek postpartum certification with Intuitive Childbirth - unfortunately this place is out of business. I also decided to further my doula training and get "certified" with Madriella Network. I also started Catholic Doula Program in 2014 because of the lack of spirituality in the training programs I came across. I wanted to offer a niche training and this program still exists today! I continued my educational journey with H.E.R.B.A.L. in 2019 to receive my peer lactation training. One of my recent trainings was my Fabulous body certification for Holistic Nutritional Coaching in 2022! 

I am continuing my studies into herbs starting 2022-present. I am also studying Ayurveda classes and hope to finish that by next year. 

Deciding to start up a coaching and doula and wellness business together - I wanted a new name that reflected my Heart and Soul of business. So, I have decided upon Healing Heart Wellness in order to encompass all that I hope to offer.
My idea for this name reflects that our hearts can be healed from traumatic experiences and we can obtain wellness!  

Helping mothers from birth to postpartum...

Mothers are important to me. I love working with mothers and helping them fix the problems of our medical system - even if it is in a small way.

Now, that I hope to begin offering more in the herbal holistic area; I hope I can help mothers improve their health even better! 

I can currently offer the Holistic Nutritional coaching as I have a certificate in this and it is time for me to set up to offer nutritional "doula" help. I can offer meal plans specifically for your needs as a pregnant or postpartum mother or beyond! If you want some help losing that "baby fat" contact me! I keep it fun and don't believe you have to give up fun foods in order to lose weight. 

My herbal coaching will be coming soon. 

Thank you for your patience! 

Message me at healingheartwellnessdoula@gmail.com for any questions. 

Why nutrition is so important? Pregnancy!

If you want to help prevent postpartum depression and things like this, nutrition is so important DURING pregnancy! If you start out with the right foods and follow a good plan during pregnancy, then you will feel so much better after and you will then be disciplined enough to keep following a great diet and eating the right calories for breastfeeding too. 

This is why I want to offer coaching to pregnant mothers first if I can! You will feel so much better if you start your postpartum eating right! I can still work with you postpartum as well. It is never too late to get the right eating plan together. 

I recommend a plan and we try out for a week or two. We see what is working or not and adjust the plan as we go. If you want an extensive coaching package - we can work together for 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or even 12 weeks! I also recommend exercise practices (gentle ones) that will help you out as well. A coach does it all - we don't just do one thing. I want to look at your mindfulness, spiritual practices, daily routines, etc. 

If you want a coach or just a free consult - please use my calendly and let me know when's a good time to talk! After we select a plan, you get fun daily reminders (if so desired), weekly email newsletter, and more! 

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