Healing Heart Wellness

Natural Nutritional Coaching. Herbal Coaching. Wellness for Women.

Welcome to our website. Healing Heart Wellness: Healing Mind, Body, Soul! 

Mission: Healing Heart Wellness: Offering: Healing, Experience, Answers, Relaxing, Therapeutics: H.E.A.R.T. to your wellness!

Women's Health Services:

Heart of Care includes:  Birth Doula Services (in person/virtually), Breastfeeding Consulting, Childbirth Classes, etc. 

For now please use my "Our Lady's Mantle Doula" website link for information about my Virtual and in person doula services.

Link: https://ourladysmantledoula.weebly.com/birth.html

Postpartum: https://ourladysmantledoula.weebly.com/postpartum.html 

Ayurveda-Postpartum Doula Services coming soon! This specialty will include Ayurveda Doshas and how to help you heal after birth using dietary practices. Great for anyone to try out! 

Holistic Nutritional Coaching!

I am an official holistic nutritional coach and am taking clients. Need help losing weight? Need a good food routine for your workouts? Enjoy good meals and workouts! 

Go to Coaching Page to learn about my packages!

Pregnant or Postpartum and need specific meal plans? Join one of my coaching packages!

Consultations Privately with me! 

Use my Calendly to signup for a Free consult! https://calendly.com/doulajuliana 

Email healingheartwellnessdoula@gmail.com 

Herbal Coaching!

I am currently enrolled in an herbal coaching class - I will do a few pro bono clients in Summer 2023. If you want to be on my waitlist for my services, please let me know. I am hoping to serve pregnant and postpartum women! 

Go to about page 3rd column to learn more about what I offer for coaching!

Use my calendly to get the free consultation for the herbal coaching: https://calendly.com/doulajuliana 

Email healingheartwellnessdoula@gmail.com 

Please fill out contact form below if you want to know more about what I offer. Thank you.